End of Year Celebrations for Company Culture

End of Year Celebrations for Company Culture

It should come as no surprise that Intro loves to celebrate. But contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just an excuse for a few espresso martinis; research shows that company engagement around the holiday season considerably improves company culture.

So, we are here to provide your company with some research-based strategies to engage your employees around the holiday season and retain talent.

Starting a Holiday Tradition

It is never too late to start a tradition within your business, whether this be for your customers, clients or your team members — traditions give your stakeholders and employees something to look forward to and boosts morale.

Seasonal traditions can take on many forms: a gift potluck, outings, contests or charity events.

Whatever tradition you choose to engage in, ensure it’s something inclusive, meaningful and one you can uphold year-after-year.

Meaningful Recognition

The end of the calendar year is a great time to reflect and recognise all the positive employee contributions to your business. Recognition has long been the cornerstone of effective management, but today as the competition for talent escalates, the importance of showing employees their value has become even more crucial.

According to Leapsome, 65 percent of employees surveyed said they received no recognition in the last year and 79 percent of employees who left their position attributed it to underappreciation.

Our innate desire for recognition starts at a very young age, from parents, teachers and friends. Positive affirmation is so deeply ingrained in our psyche, especially during developmental phases, that we can even see a neutral reaction as a negative one. This is why it is so important for management to utilise positive reinforcement.

The holiday workplace event is the perfect opportunity to present awards and encourage ongoing high performance in your staff.

Some ideas for your awards may be achievements, exhibiting desired behaviours, going beyond expectations, milestones and tenure.

Give Back as An Organisation

Of course, giving back to the community shouldn’t just be a once yearly occurrence, but the end of the year is a good time to connect in a way that benefits the wider public.

However, this doesn’t just benefit others. Reports show that resoundingly, giving back is a powerful way to ensure continual personal growth and mutual contentment. This may be as simple as donating to a cause or participating in a toy drive.

Keep Cultural Equity and Inclusion In-check

Your organisation must be mindful that not every employee celebrates Christmas. Keep the focus on celebrating the company, not a religious holiday.

It’s also important to make your end of year ‘party’ voluntary. Some people don’t feel comfortable attending events where there might be alcohol present, and although not ideal, creating an accommodating event is more important than attendance.

Finally, all organisations should invite feedback on the end of year celebrations. You can avoid making any critical mistakes next time by doing this.

Have a happy holiday,

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