For candidates.

Here at Intro, we pride ourselves on presenting our clients with the best candidates in the market.

But while carefully pairing our people with the right roles is our business, the rest is often up to you.

We’ll work with you to ensure you’re primed and ready for the job selection process, from finessing your resume to acing an interview.

Below is our tried and tested advice on how to land your ultimate job.

Building a better resume.


Keep it to key points only

Include your name and contact details (address, phone and email) and a brief summary of your skills, then list professional qualifications, work history and references.


Use a clear and simple layout

Employers are often busy people, so make it easy for them to read by selecting simple fonts and styles.


Tailor it every time

Review and update your resume for each role you apply for and ensure your experience is relevant.


Be the complete package

Update your LinkedIn profile to ensure it reflects the requirements of the role and check your social media profiles so that if clients Google you (they will) they like what they see.



Ensure your resume is well-written, concise and spell-checked, and submitted according to the guidelines provided.

Expert interviewing

  • Be prepared by researching the company, position and even your interviewers.
  • Find out more about the company's past and current projects.
  • Get a feel for the company culture and reflect similar values during the interview.
  • Think about how your experience is directly related to the role - what do you bring to the table?
  • Understand exactly what qualifications are required.
  • Draft and practice responses to questions you think your interviewers may ask.
  • Memorise examples of good work you've done to help you during the interview.
  • Have someone critique you in a practice interview.
  • On the day, dress neatly, cleanly and appropriately.
  • Turn up 10 minutes early. No excuses.
  • Never, ever, cancel an interview.
  • Offer a firm handshake and maintain eye contact during the interview.
  • Show enthusiasm!
  • Answer questions honestly and directly.
  • Actively listen. Don't interrupt your interviewers.
  • Be prepared to talk about your salary expectations.
  • Ask questions that demonstrate you're interested in the role and the company.