Building a bridge to close the skills gap

Building a bridge to close the skills gap

Intro Recruitment Solutions makes an effort to get involved in a wide range of educational opportunities.

We feel that the more expertise we share with our young people, the more prepared our future workers are going to be when entering the workforce.

Yet, our involvement in tertiary institutions across Australia has highlighted a clear disconnect between what is taught in universities versus what is required of an employee day-to-day.

We’ve spoken to many undergraduate and postgraduate students who feel underprepared and inexperienced when it comes to ‘real-world’ employment.

This growing number of students are not only lacking hard skills, but they also lack soft skill competencies that are necessary to perform in their role.

What has caused the skills gap? 

There are numerous reasons this skills gap exists but potentially the most prominent factors are that 1) institutions remain unaware of industrial requirements and skills, and 2) there is a lack of collaboration between organisations and academia to identify requisite experience.

It’s a systemic issue that remains hard to combat due to the involvement of so many parties.

The effects of the skills gap

This issue has direct repercussions on social conditions and the economy.

Organisations are suffering from increased recruitment and operating costs, reduced productivity and constraints on business development and expansion.

But even more concerning, it’s putting our young workers at risk of unemployment and performance failure leading to dismissal.

What Intro is doing 

First and foremost, our executives proudly have an ‘open-line’ policy, where students and graduates are invited to call them for any hiring advice they may need.

Today, there is an increased number of graduates that have never been employed prior to finishing university. Graduates who have this ‘open-line’ support feel more confident and comfortable when applying and interviewing for jobs.

In late March, Michael Burgess & Remy Tucker from Intro Recruitment attended the ‘UQ Business School Postgraduate Association Internship Mixer’ that provided students with the opportunity to connect with industry.

These types of events make it possible for students to gain exposure to businesses in their field.

Intro Recruitment is currently offering multiple internal internship opportunities for students and graduates. Our program employs a mentoring model in which a student or graduate is paired with an experienced professional in the office to guide and support their professional development.

What can the wider industry do? 

Intro Recruitment Solutions is personally working towards closing the skills gap and improving employability, but we believe there are ways the wider industry can help.

Ultimately, there needs to be an increase in workplace exposure, whether it be through schools or universities. This means the incorporation of initiatives like: internships, live projects and corporate interactions.

A noteworthy organisation working towards closing this gap by way of education is Grand Company.

Grand Company exists to help young people gain workforce skills before sending them into the rapidly changing workforce. GrandShake has teamed up with schools and employers across Australia and have had great success in igniting change.

Clare Morgans, Chief Operating Officer at Grand Company reports:

“To successfully attract diverse, young talent and close the skills gap, employers need to actively invest in skills development and pathway initiatives for young people. Historically engaging with schools was tough, but tools like Grandshake make it easy for employers to nurture the skills they need, build social licence and a pipeline of local talent, cost-effectively and at scale. It’s exciting to see employers and organisations like Intro Recruitment committed to supporting the next wave of talent find their place in construction and infrastructure.”

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