7 Tips to Nail your Phone Interview

7 Tips to Nail your Phone Interview

Phone interviews are the ‘go-to’ method for hiring managers to discern the quality of a candidate before bringing them in for a face-to-face interview which is why Intro says it is crucial for candidates to perfect their phone interviewing skills.

  1. Have your resume handy

You may need to refer to your resume during the call. It can be helpful to have it in front of you so you can highlight your relevant skills in response to the interviewers’ questions.

  1. Follow the interviewer’s lead

An interviewer may wish to conduct the interview in a casual or formal manner. It is your responsibility to adapt to this approach. Let the interviewer steer the conversation.

  1. Listen carefully

A very basic rule of phone etiquette is to avoid interrupting the interviewer. Aside from this, you will receive information that is pertinent to your face-to-face interview and potential position. Listen carefully so you do not miss a thing.

  1. Be prepared to take notes

The interviewer may ask you to prepare something for your next interview or give you information that is not normally available to you. Take notes even if what they are saying feels like a given.

  1. Have questions ready to ask the interviewer

A lot of people struggle to come up with questions on the spot. A natural reaction is to say “no, I think we have covered everything”. Having pre-prepared questions shows you were listening very carefully and are a perceptive, thoughtful person.

  1. Stand up

Standing up (rather than sitting down) makes you sound more confident over the phone. Trust us! Here at Intro Recruitment, we encourage our consultants and candidates to stand up and move about when they are on the phone. Doing this generates energy in your tone of voice, allowing you to be livelier and more reactive when you communicate.

  1. Follow up

Sending your interviewer a follow-up email, text or letter shows your diligence and enthusiasm. General etiquette like this places you at the forefront of the hiring manager’s mind which will ultimately increase your chances of success.

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