Preparing for your second interview: is it different?

Preparing for your second interview: is it different?

First of all, it is encouraging that you have even been chosen for a second interview. You should be very proud of yourself for getting to this stage in the process. It is a great sign that you have been asked to return.

Generally, hiring managers use second interviews to determine if you are a good fit for the team. By this point, they know that you possess the required qualifications and experience. This is your chance to ‘show off ‘ your personality and demonstrate your knowledge in a more comprehensive and strategic manner.

A second interview usually involves more preparation on your behalf. You need to be fully prepared to ‘wow’ the hiring interviewers to increase your prospects and land the job.

Generally, the second interview will involve more people or members of the company that are higher up in the executive structure.

These meetings typically involve more detailed questions about you, your qualifications, and your ability to perform for the company.

Here are our top 10 tips to acing your second job interview:

  1.  Do your background research
  2.  Go in with a strategy
  3.  Sell yourself
  4.   Articulate your attributes
  5.  Expect an array of interviewers
  6.  Prepare for more in-depth questions
  7. Ask lots of questions
  8. Send a follow-up ‘thank you’

Signs that your interview went well:

  •  Your interview went longer than expected
  •  Your interviewer’s body language cues were positive
  •  Conversation flowed naturally
  •  You were asked lots of questions
  •  They ask you to meet other team members
  • Your interviewer worked to sell you on the role and the company

Good luck!


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