Employee Retention: why it is time to start paying attention…

Employee Retention: why it is time to start paying attention…

It should come as no surprise that companies who lead in employee retention are the most successful and profitable organisations.

Here at Intro, we seek to provide staffing solutions that increase employee engagement, heighten morale, and preserve your bottom line.

Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a shift in employee retention. Staff were working remotely, had stagnated salaries, stalled in professional development and lacked the human connection they so greatly rely on for job-satisfaction.

Yet, we are here to tell you this is becoming a distant memory, and it is time to start paying attention to employee retention.

Why do I need to retain staff?

In the same way that it is important to keep valuable customers, the cost of replacing high performing staff easily outweighs the cost of retaining them.

However, this isn’t just about costs. Effective employee retention serves immeasurable benefits for your brand reputation.

There is an undeniable connection and ample evidence that a strong employer brand makes it easier to recruit and retain staff. According to LinkedIn, a positive employer brand reduces staff turnover by a staggering 28%. However, now that more companies provide a glass door into their employee turnover rates, it’s become clear that the same also exists for the reverse.

What are the benefits for my business?

Many scholars and professionals conclude that the reputation for an organisation remains its critical driving factor and decision point of appeal to stakeholders.

Your brand reputation plays a critical role in every stage of the awareness funnel, so having a positive employer brand will greatly increase your ability to attract more applicants who can envision themselves as a part of your team.

Likewise, if you can deliver to employer brand promises you make during the recruiting process, you’ll enable your company to make better hires who want to stay for the long run.

How we can help:

We know recruitment inside and out, especially in skill-short markets. Intro offers a full employer service with a unique difference: we don’t just care about staff in and staff out—we care about your brand. We offer expert advice on implementing best practice to retain your staff most effectively. Get in touch for more information.

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